Gemstone Buying

Montana’s Jewelry Buyer and Appraiser

At C.M. Buxton Jeweler we are competitive buyers of all kinds of jewelry, ranging from scrap gold and silver all the way to the finest pieces of gold, silver, or platinum estate jewelry. We are trained to evaluate the color and quality of colored gemstones and diamonds. Conner Buxton, who has his Graduate Colored Stones Diploma and Graduate Gemologist Diploma from Gemological Institute of America specializes in appraising gemstones, gem identification, and purchasing gems. We have a very wide range of loose gemstones for custom designs, or for just gem enthusiasts to look at or collect. We have thousands of Montana Sapphires in stock and have a very large collection of Yogo Sapphires. If there isn’t the gemstone you’re looking for in our store we can also get it for you at the Tucson Gem Fair, which we visit annually. C.M. Buxton Jeweler is a fourth generation family jewelry store and also a member, and a store of the prestigious American Gem Society. There are currently only three AGS stores in the state of Montana.