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Montana’s Jewelry, Diamond, and Coin Buyer

The Buxton family started off in the jewelry business in 1955 in Hamilton, Montana. Buxton Antiques operated on 1st Street in Hamilton for thirteen years specializing in estate, antique jewelry, antiques, and fine jewelry.  Conner’s great grandfather and grandmother always had a love for fine gems. That love was passed down through our family’s generation and still exists today.

Eight years later the Buxtons opened another store. Jem Shoppe was opened in Missoula, Montana and was managed by Conner’s father, grandfather, grandmother, aunt, and mother. The Buxtons have shown dedication to their family , and that dedication is apparent with the passing down of the family business to the new generation.

A little over a decade after the Jem Shoppe was opened the Buxtons opened a second store in Missoula, becoming the only jewelry company with two locations in Missoula. Jem Shoppe Jewelers & Rare Coins was operated by (Grandpa) C.M. Buxton Jr. C.M. Buxton III (Marlin) still continued running the Jem Shoppe in downtown Missoula.

After serving four years in the United State Marine Corps Conner Buxton got into the family business as well. He grew up in the business and was introduced to the jewelry industry at a very early age. That experience and training Conner received from his grandfather and father molded Conner into an extremely knowledgeable jeweler, gemologist, and appraiser, even at a very young age. He was trained by his father and grandfather who had over 75 combined years of retail jewelry experience. He shadowed his grandfather for hundreds of appraisals and they would spend a lot of time challenging each other on gem identification. Soon after at age twenty-five Conner took over ownership of his grandfather’s store (Jem Shoppe Jewelers & Rare Coins). C.M. Buxton Jr. (Grandpa) passed in September of 2011. He was an inspiration to Conner and his family. Anyone that knew him well would tell you about his love for gemstones and educating people on gemology. He would spend all day educating clients. C.M. Buxton Jr. was one of the kindest and genuinely good people that you could find. He had a long and successful life including flying P-51 Mustangs for the Army Air Corps. After his grandfather passed away Conner renamed the business to honor him – C.M. Buxton Jeweler & Rare Coins.

The SW Higgins location was in the same location for about 13 years. Conner expanded and moved to the “Hip Strip” (across the street from the Missoulian and three doors up from Ciao Mambo).

“The Buxtons pride themselves on being the experts. Their experience, reputation, education, and countless referrals proves this. “

Conner Buxton

The Buxtons pride themselves on being the experts. Their experience, reputation, education, and countless referrals proves this. They  specialize in almost anything that involves jewelry. They offer fine jewelry, antique jewelry, estate jewelry, custom jewelry, and even costume jewelry. They have thousands of rare loose gemstones for sale or for custom designs. They have sapphires of all sizes, shapes, and colors up to 10.00ct. Conner has hundreds of bridal sets for you to try on before you make that very special decision. Conner also has rare vintage settings, loose diamonds, yogo sapphires, and rare colored gemstones. They offer insurance appraisals and consultations on your jewelry, and do all of the work in front of you while you watch, fast and reliable jewelry repair, gem identification, heat treating, gem cutting, and education counseling on your jewelry. They can create anything you see, draw, or have a picture of. The Buxton’s endless amounts of long term contacts translates to you getting the beast quality at the best price possible. They can counsel you on your families estate and offer full liquidation of jewelry, coins, diamonds, and vintage watches. They also offer rare gold and silver coins. C.M. BUXTON JEWELER WILL BUY YOUR JEWELRY, DIAMONDS, & COINS. Come to us last and we will prove to you that we will beat any competitor’s price. The jewelry and coin business is all about having the best contacts and the best education. Why would you buy or sell a diamond to someone who hasn’t even invested the time to get educated on how to grade diamonds. Conner Marlin Buxton, CGA, CG, GG has a world class education and the credentials to back it. With more education comes more understanding which can transfer into thousands of more dollars in your pocket.

The Jewelry business is an emotional and relationship business, you can be assured that we are honest, polite, and incredibly knowledgeable to make your transaction and experience as enjoyable and as profitable as possible.

Conner Buxton has a very extensive and respected list of credentials that few have in the world. More impressively he has obtained these by age 29. Conner takes pride in educating his clients and also feels like that willingness to teach really separates his business from others.

  • Dad to two amazing kids
  • Certified Gemologist Appraiser Title (AGS) – Only one in the state (active), and four hundred and some in the world
  • American Gem Society Accredited Gem Laboratory – Only one in the state of Montana.
  • Certified Gemologist Title (AGS)
  • Graduate Gemologist Diploma (GIA)
  • Over a million in sales by age 29 and over two million by age 32
  • Has bought and sold tens of thousands of diamonds and has performed hundreds of appraisals by age 29
  • Gemologist Diploma (GIA)
  • Accredited Jewelry Professional Diploma (GIA)
  • Graduate Pearls Diploma (GIA)
  • Pearls Certificate (GIA)
  • Colored Stones Certificate (GIA)
  • Diamond and Diamond Grading Certificate (GIA)
  • Colored Stones Essentials Certificate (GIA)
  • Diamond Essentials Certificate (GIA)
  • Jewelry Essentials Certificate (GIA)
  • Gem Identification Certificate (GIA)
  • Diamond Grading Lab Class (GIA)
  • Gem Identification Lab Class (GIA)
  • Colored Stone Grading Lab Class (GIA)
  • Pearl Grading Lab (GIA)
  • GIA Alumni and Graduate
  • Registered Gemologist Appraiser Title (ISG)
  • Evaluating Damaged Jewelry Certificate (ISG)
  • Pearls Certificate (ISG)
  • Diamonds Certificate (ISG)
  • Introduction to Watches (ISG)
  • Colored Gemstone Grading (ISG)
  • Identification of Synthetic Gemstones (ISG)
  • Colored Gemstone Identification (ISG)
  • Jewelry Insurance Appraisal Certification (ISG)
  • Lifetime member of the American Numismatic Association (ANA LM# 3158983)
  • Numismatic Scholar Diploma (ANA)
  • Grading Coins Today Diploma (ANA)
  • U.S. Minting Errors and Varieties Honors Diploma (ANA)
  • Grading Mint State U.S. Coins Diploma (ANA)
  • Introduction to Numismatics Diploma (ANA)
  • Detecting Counterfeit and Altered U.S. Coins Honors Diploma (ANA)
  • The Modern Minting Process Diploma (ANA)
  • The American Gem Society Way Course (AGS)
  • American Gem Society Store and Member
  • Registered Jeweler Title (AGS)
  • Retail Member Firm Title (AGS)
  • 1 of only 2 American Gem Society Stores in Montana
  • Certificate in Gemmology (Gem-A)
  • FGA Practical Course & Exam (Gem-A), passed on the first attempt without missing a single gem identification
  • DGA Course (Gem-A) Currently Taking
  • National Association of Jewelry Appraisers member (NAJA)
  • Antique Jewelry Show, JCK, Luxury, and Watch Show Attendee Las Vegas, 2016
  • 4th Generation Family Jeweler
  • Two time Tucson Gem Fair Attendee 2009, 2013
  • Antique Roadshow Attendee 2010
  • AGS Conclave Attendee 2014
  • Appraisals I & II (American Gem Society)
  • Certified Gemologist Appraiser Exam
  • Certified Gemologist Clinic – Treated Gemstones (GIA-AGS Conclave)
  • Identifying Treated Diamonds Seminar (GIA-AGS Conclave)
  • Identifying Synthetic Diamonds Seminar (GIA-AGS Conclave)
  • Colorvision Screened (AGS)
  • A Day in the Life of an Identification Gemologist Seminar (GIA-AGS Conclave)
  • The Latest News From GIA Research, Topic Synthetic Diamonds (GIA-AGS Conclave)
  • Jewelry Store Owner by age 25, opened a second location by age 28
  • Bought a 570 silver dollar collection at age 25
  • Bought and brokered a 5.01 ct VVS2 fancy light diamond appraised over $85,000.00 at age 26
  • Bought a $115,000.00 coin collection at age 27
  • Traveled 200 miles to a pawn shop and spent over $34,000.00 on scrap gold and coins at age 28
  • Mentored by CM Buxton Jr and CM Buxton III with over 70 years combined in the industry
  • University of Montana
  • Saddleback College
  • United States Marine Corps Infantry, with two (2) combat tours to Iraq
  • Purple Heart Recipient, Good Conduct Medal, Combat Action Ribbon, (4) years honorable service
  • Certificate of Appreciation for the services in Armed Forces of the United States
  • Combat Meritorious Promotion for outstanding leadership and uncommon valor