I went in knowing absolutely nothing…

I had the pleasure of working with Conner to purchase my fiancé’s engagement ring. Like most 28 year old guys, I went into our initial consultation knowing absolutely nothing about the buying process, ring styles, or customs of getting engaged. He patiently coached me through it all.
Because of my lack of planning, I needed a custom ring in less than two weeks. I found out this is next to impossible for most jewelers, CM Buxton got it done for me.  After our first meeting it was very apparent Conner is extremely passionate about what he does. His wall of countless awards and accreditations is proof.
Even though I felt very comfortable with Conner I still shopped around to see if I was getting a good deal. I called 5 different jewelers from Montana to California and nobody could compete with the price he gave me.  I popped the question a week ago and my new fiancé couldn’t be more pumped about her new purchase.
Hopefully I don’t have to buy another engagement ring in my life, but if I do, I’ll be coming back to CM Buxton   😉